Printed on Fri Aug 12 2022 5:23:24 AM

Russian Warship Destroyed While Docked In Berdyansk Port

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russian warship

A Russian warship has been destroyed and two other boats have been damaged in the occupied Ukrainian port city of Berdyansk, say, Ukrainian authorities.

The Ukrainian army posted footage early on Thursday and said the Orsk had been hit by its forces.

Details of what caused the explosion and fire onboard the ship are unclear.

Berdyansk, which is west of the besieged port of Mariupol, was seized four days after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Russia says it has used the port as a base to ferry equipment for its troops.

Russian army TV hailed the arrival of the Orsk in Berdyansk last week as an "epic event" as it was the first Russian warship to dock there.

Drone footage filmed by a Russian state TV reporter showed an armored personnel carrier being offloaded from the Orsk in the port.

The armored vehicles were to be used to reinforce Russian troops, the TV report added.

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