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Largest Mouth Gape holder in the world is Samantha Ramsdell

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Samantha Ramsdell
People set records for something and get acquainted. But Samantha Ramsdell's acquaintance is actually a little strange. She holds the record as the biggest face woman in the world. Surprising to hear but true, Samantha's face is the biggest of all women in the world. And that's why Samantha has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Received official recognition.

Samantha's home is in the US state of Connecticut. According to a report in the US media CNN, Samantha's face has been relatively big since childhood. As she got older, Samantha's face became bigger. She can be easily different from others because of her big face.

Samantha is quite popular on social media. The reason behind this, her big face. Many look at Samantha's face in amazement, watching her videos on social media. The first thing that came to her mind was to make a big face record through a video posted on social media. Appealed to the Guinness authorities.

After the verification and selection, the official recognition of the Guinness World Records Authority came. The certificate was handed over to Samantha. She is now the owner of the biggest face in the world.

"I never thought I would become popular because of my big face," said Samantha.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Samantha's face measures 2.5 inches [6.56 cm]. When measured horizontally, it grows to more than four inches or 10 centimeters. As can be seen in the video, three donuts can be inserted into her mouth effortlessly.

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