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Biden imposes sanctions on Myanmar's military officials

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sanctions on Myanmar's military officials
US President Joe Biden on Wednesday approved an executive order banning military officials involved in the coup in Myanmar.

The ban will apply to the country's military officers, their family members and the businesses involved.

The ban was announced by the United States after a woman protesting against the coup in Napido was shot in the head and taken to hospital yesterday.

Biden called for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi after the coup.

"The people of Burma are raising their voice and the world is watching," Biden said.

He added that this week his administration will identify the targets of the first phase of the blockade. However, the United States has already blacklisted some of Myanmar's military leaders for violence against Rohingya Muslims.

"We will tighten controls on exports," Biden said. We are going to suspend the resources that the US benefits the Burmese government. On the other hand, we are cooperating in health care, civil society groups and other areas so that the people of Burma directly benefit.

This is Biden's first ban since taking office last month.

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