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12 killed in a Saudi airstrike in Yemen

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Saudi airstrike in Yemen
An airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition has mistakenly hit a camp of allied Yemeni pro-government forces, killing at least 12 troops, Yemeni military officials said on Friday.

Officials said in a statement on Friday that at least eight Yemeni soldiers had been killed and at least eight others wounded in the attack in Shabwah province on Thursday.

Authorities released the information on the condition of anonymity, according to Turkish broadcaster TRT World. Because they were not allowed to speak in the media.

There was no immediate word from the Saudi-led coalition. Coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki did not respond to media calls or messages.

According to two local residents, several burnt bodies were found at the scene of the attack. In addition, three military vehicles, including an automatic rifle vehicle, were found completely destroyed.

In war-torn Yemen, the Saudi-led coalition has occasionally mistakenly launched airstrikes on Allied forces.

The Saudi-led coalition has long been embroiled in conflict in Iran over its crackdown on Houthi rebels and its domination of Yemen. Saudi Arabia has the support of several Western countries, including the United States.

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