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Schools-Colleges reopen after about a year and a half

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Schools-Colleges reopen
The school college reopened after about a year and a half. However, there is still a risk of corona infection. In this situation, on Sunday, September 12 in the capital Azimpur Girls School and College, the Minister of Education visited the overall preparation for the start of educational activities in the classroom. Dipu Moni said that the hygiene monitoring will continue. Strict measures will be taken if health rules are neglected.

The education minister further said that the educational institutions have been reopened due to the declining rate of corona infection. We assumed that the infection rate would drop to close to 5 percent by September 11th. But we have decided to reopen the educational institution on that basis. We think this is the right time to open an educational institution.

She said, 'I have received hundreds of messages that do not open educational institutions. In fact, there are many opinions everywhere. We have to make a decision. If there is any apprehension, we will go back to the previous method.'

Dipu Moni said, "We have to consider not only the rate of infection but also other factors. Various problems are being created including physical and mental problems of the students. With these, we have opened educational institutions. We may have to live with Corona for many more days."

Referring to the impact of dengue, the Minister requested the concerned educational institutions to be aware of this.

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