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3 killed in scorpion bites in Egypt

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scorpion in Egypt
Three people have died in Egypt after being bitten by a scorpion. More than 450 people were injured in the attack. After a strong storm in the North African country, the animal ran out of the forest into the street and into the house. The country's health ministry has confirmed the matter.

The incident took place in the southern city of Aswan. After storms and hailstorms, the scorpions reach the locality. Then they started attacking.

An Egyptian health official told Al-Ahram news agency that more anti-venom vaccines had been sent to villages in the desert and mountains. People in the area have been urged to stay at home to ensure security.

Egypt is home to the largest population of fat and tailed scorpions.

Scorpion is a genus of spiders of the Arachnida class i.e. spiders. It is also called a scorpion. Scorpions attack the enemy with a sharp thorn in their tail. When attacked, its toxins can remain active in the human body for at least 12 hours.

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