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Second phase of vaccination has started from today

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Second phase of vaccination
The second phase of mass vaccination has started on Saturday morning, June 19. The Department of Health has started the program by vaccinating Chinese Sinopharm at a center in each district. There are four centers in Dhaka city. After this phase of vaccination, total 3 percent of the people in the country will be covered the vaccination program.

Sinopharm vaccines are being administered at Dhaka Medical College, Sir Salimullah Medical College, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Mugda Medical College Hospital in Dhaka district.

People who have already registered will get the synoform vaccine. So far 72 lakh 48 thousand 829 people have registered. Of them, 58 lakh 20 thousand 15 got the first dose of Oxford-Astrageneca vaccine. About 1.5 million people are waiting for the second dose of this vaccine. Whether they will be vaccinated with Synoform or Pfizer as their second dose has not yet been finalized. Vaccination activities in the country are conducted under the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Program of the Department of Health. The director of the program, Shamsul Haque, said that the vaccination of Pfizer will also start very soon. However, the date has not been finalized yet.

Under their guidance, the Department of Health has given priority to 10 types of people getting vaccinated in China. The department said all Chinese nationals living in Bangladesh will receive the vaccine.

People who have already registered at the designated vaccination center, who have not yet received any vaccines, will receive Chinese vaccines. Government health workers and members of the police who have not been vaccinated will be vaccinated. The list includes Bangladeshi migrant workers going abroad approved by the Manpower Development Bureau.

The priority list for this vaccine includes students of public-private medical and dental colleges and students of government nursing and medical technical education institutions. This vaccine will be given to the students of the residential hall of the government university.

Officers and employees of nationally important government projects will get this vaccine. The list of projects includes Padma Bridge Project, Matarbari Power Project, Metrorail Project, Express Highway Project, Rooppur Power Project and Rampal Power Project.

In addition, cleaners from two city corporations in Dhaka and people involved in the funeral of Covid-19 will receive the synoform vaccine.

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