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Today is Shaheed Asad Day

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Shaheed Asad
Today is January 20, Wednesday, Shaheed Asad Day. On this day in 1969, student leader Amanullah Mohammad Asaduzzaman was shot dead by police while leading an 11-point procession of students against the dictatorial government of Ayub Khan. In his memory, the day is being celebrated as Shaheed Asad Day.

Shaheed Asad was the leader of the East Pakistan Students Union. He was a master's student in the history department of Dhaka University.

After three days of mourning after the martyrdom of Asad, on 24 January of that year, on the basis of six points of the Awami League and 11 points of the students, people of all walks of life on the highways of Dhaka and across the country. The mass uprising of 1969 took place. Ayub Khan fell.

Another dictator, Yahya Khan, came to power and called a general election. In that unprecedented election of 1970, the Awami League got an absolute majority. But Yahya started making excuses not to relinquish power. Following this, the war of liberation started in 1971.

On the occasion of Shaheed Asad Day President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave message.

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