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Residents of Shanghai are being forced to leave their homes

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Covid's infection is on an ascent in Shanghai, China. There isn't adequate space in the city for the isolation of Corona victims. To manage what is happening, the Shanghai organizations settled in the homes of the residents.

City authorities said in a statement that residents needed to leave their homes for isolation of Covid patients. The Zhangjiang group in Shanghai took the step as directed by the administration.

Authorities ordered 39 families to leave their homes. It was informed that corona patients will be accommodated in their homes. The people of Shanghai have been furious since receiving this instruction. Residents took to the streets to protest. They also had a clash with the police.

A video of protests and clashes in Shanghai has been released. The video shows many city dwellers protesting against the police wearing white kits. At a certain point, they also broke the police barricade. Then the clash between the two sides started.

Nonetheless, the Zhangjiang Group said it had repaid the occupants and migrated them to one more unit in a similar compound.

Police have arrested those involved in the scuffle.

Strict policy of the Shanghai organizations also prohibits leaving the house to buy food. The administration has promised to send food to the homes of Shanghai residents in the lockdown. But in many cases, because it is not, some of the city dwellers crowd in different supermarkets. Clashes and looting for food continue in the crowd.

Shanghai is now the epicenter of coronary heart disease, two years after the onset of the Covid infection. The residents of the city are suffocating due to the strict rules and regulations. This new order has added fuel to the fire of the anger of the people of the city.

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