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Implementation of Sheikh Hasina's idea

Ranjak Rizvy
Sheikh Hasina
Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina returned home after spending almost six years in exile. On May 17, 1981, she said in front of millions of people,
I have come to you after losing everything. I want to sacrifice my life to avenge the murder of the Father of the Nation by implementing his ideals in the way directed by Bangabandhu. I have nothing to lose. I have come to you after losing my parents and brother.

Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina has kept her word. Never backed down from the promise. The storm never left her like the day she returned to the country. Yet she is by the side of the people. People and the country are thinking of Sheikh Hasina even after 19 assassination attempts. For this she has repeatedly had to accept the highest sacrifice. There are various conspiracies could not stop her.

Why are there so many obstacles, so many conspiracies on the way of Awami League and Sheikh Hasina coming to power. This issue needs to be analyzed.

The spirit of the war of liberation has been plundered by the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family, the father of the Bengali nation of all time.

Various conspiracies to endanger the existence of the Bengali nation also started from there. Bangabandhu shouted against politics over religion. He spoke out against corruption. Many spoke out against the interests of the people.

The welfare of the country and the nation was his dream and goal. It is a conspiracy to push the country back from that place. Communal power, superpowers and international opportunists want to see Bangladesh as a bottomless basket. The establishment of a communal religion-based state and the spread of domination were also foremost. Much of this has become visible in post-assassination politics of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family. Religion-based politics and the rise of supremacy have been, and will continue to be, exemplary in history. Which would never have been possible when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was alive. The conspirators knew that the Awami League could change a lot through movement and struggle. He also knows how to realize.

And Bangabandhu's radiant leadership gave a different dimension to the Awami League.

If Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina had not returned to the country. Bangladesh Awami League would not take charge. Democracy, development, progressive politics, modern developed, prosperous, non-communal Bangladesh and how much it was possible to fulfill the dream of the father of the nation!

This question comes up again and again. The trial of war criminals is still ongoing. In the meantime, communal forces are peeping from time to time. The state is signaling that power to occupy or be a partner. Sheikh Hasina has been dealing with this with the flag of Awami League, the leading political party of the liberation war. Many are involved in a new conspiracy to stop the country's economic and overall progress. Only Sheikh Hasina can resist that.

Communal, defeated forces and militancy would rise. All the doors of possibility would stand still. Bangladesh fell behind during the long military rule and the government formed on the basis of communal power sharing.

From there, Sheikh Hasina has been able to show Bangladesh to the world as a role model for development. Her participation and advice in the dialogue of world leaders and policy makers has also set an example. Which is a source of pride for the Bengali nation. The creation of this important position is a positive indication of the overall situation.

Incumbent Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has succeeded in forming the government and the politics of the movement. Her political wisdom and dedication have set milestones in the economic and infrastructural development of the Bengali nation.

That day is not far off; In world politics, Bangabandhu's daughter will become relevant and exemplary again and again. The world has to learn from Sheikh Hasina how to keep the wheel of economy moving even in time the of crisis.

It's time to rethink.Most of the politicians and the people of the country are still far behind. So everyone needs to be as visionary as Sheikh Hasina. Only then is it possible to achieve the desired goal in all all sphere.

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