Printed on Thu Oct 06 2022 2:08:10 AM

Two-way pressure on the Shimulia ghat

Staff Correspondent
Shimulia ghat
Many people in South Bengal have started returning to their workplaces in the capital Dhaka after celebrating Eid with their families. Meanwhile, many passengers who did not return home before Eid are returning home on Saturday, the day after Eid. This has caused two-way pressure on the Shimulia-Banglabazar route of the Padma River at Shimulia Ghat in Munshiganj.

Passengers who could not return home before Eid from Saturday morning were seen going to South Bengal by ferry. However, the pressure of people heading for Dhaka started increasing from 9 am on this route. This pressure is increasing with the increase of time.

Meanwhile, more than 400 small and large vehicles are waiting to cross at Shimulia Ghat along with passengers. According to the BIWTC Shimulia Ghat Authority, 16 ferries are currently operating on the route for the passengers and vehicles.

Prafulla Chauhan, assistant manager (commerce) of Shimulia ferry terminal, said there has been bilateral pressure since morning. Only a few ferries carried passengers. There are currently 16 ferries plying the route. More than 400 small and big vehicles are waiting in the ghat area. All passengers and vehicles will be crossed in phases.

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