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Singapore bans 'The Kashmir Files'

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Singapore has banned the controversial film 'The Kashmir Files', which has sparked controversy across India over the Hindu genocide in Indian Kashmir.

The country says the film's story and scenes hurt harmony, creating unrest in Singapore. That is why it has banned it.

The film was banned due to concerns about the possibility of animosity between different communities living in Singapore.

In a statement issued on Monday, May 10th, the Singapore government said in a statement that the film was being rejected because of its "one-sided portrayal of Muslims and its incitement to violence and the persecution of Hindus in the ongoing conflict in Kashmir."

The statement further said, "Such representations could lead to animosity between different communities and disrupt the social bond and religious harmony of our multi-ethnic and multi-religious society."

But director Vivek Agnihotri's film took the box office into its own hands within a week of its release. Critics also praised it. In particular, the BJP has officially sponsored it. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi himself spoke in favor of the movie.


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