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3 million more sinopharm vaccines came to Dhaka

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sinopharm vaccines came to Dhaka
Another 3 million doses of sinopharm Covid vaccine have arrived in the country from China. The vaccines arrived in Dhaka on Thursday night and Friday morning on three separate flights of Bangladesh Biman.

First, a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight carrying vaccines arrived at Shahjalal International Airport at 10:30 pm on Thursday. The second flight arrived at around 1:15 am today. And the third flight arrives this morning at 4:15 a.m.

Assistant Director of the Department of Health working at the airport Shahriar Sajjad gave this information.

On May 12, for the first time, five lakh vaccines of sinopharm came to the country. Those vaccines are given as gift to Bangladesh by the Chinese government. Then, on May 19, the government gave policy approval for the direct purchase of the SARS-Cove-to-Vaccine made by Chinese sinopharm.

On July 3, Bangladesh received the first shipment of 20 lakh doses of sinopharm vaccine. Then on the night of July 17, Bangladesh received another 20 lakh doses of sinopharm vaccine. A special flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines arrived at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 11:35 pm that night. Then the remaining 10 lakh dose of vaccine arrives around 3 pm. The government has started giving the sinopharm vaccines at the district and upazila level from July 13.

With this, China's sinopharm sent a total of 7 million vaccines to Bangladesh in three shipments.

Earlier, on May 8, the World Health Organization approved the emergency use of sinopharm vaccine. Then Bangladesh also approved its use.

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