Printed on Mon May 16 2022 9:11:11 AM

Sri Lankan embassies in Iraq and Norway temporarily closed

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Sri Lankan embassies
The economic crisis in neighboring Sri Lanka has escalated to the point that the country's embassies in Iraq and Norway have been temporarily closed.

In addition, the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Sydney, Australia will be temporarily closed.

The Sri Lankan media reported this information on Tuesday.

The decision to close the embassy will take effect on April 30, the report said, citing the foreign ministry.

It said the decision was made in light of the ongoing economic situation and the foreign exchange crisis. It is hoped that this will not lead to a deterioration in relations with friendly countries.

The temporary closure of the embassy will allow missions from Sweden to Norway and from the United Arab Emirates to Iraq. In addition, the Consulate General Office in Sydney will be operated by the High Commission in Australia.

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