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Money snatched by stabbing Delivery Man, arrested 5

Staff Correspondent
stabbing Delivery Man
Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Lalbagh Police have arrested five accused in a case of snatching money and mobile phone from a deliveryman in the capital. They were arrested on Saturday night.

Lalbagh Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) MM Murshed confirmed the information.

Police said two of the arrested persons were identified as Shakil and Raju and the other three were teenagers. A switch gear knife, an anticutter (blade) and snatched nine thousand taka were seized from them.

OC MM Murshed said, ‘A man named Kabir works as a deliveryman for a company. Last Wednesday, Kabir was on his way home from Chawkbazar area with his colleagues after finishing his company work. When they came in front of the bus counter in the alley of Azimpur Orphanage, some youths and teenagers surrounded them with local weapons.

At that time Kabir's colleagues could have escaped but the robbers stopped him and started punching and kicking him at random. The robbers snatched Tk. 10,000 and a mobile set from him.

When the man resisted, the robbers struck him in the right thigh and the finger of his right hand with a sharp knife. He was injured. Later, the injured person filed a case at Lalbagh police station.

MM Murshed said, ‘The location of the robbers was identified with the help of CCTV camera surveillance and information technology. After that, Shakil, Raju and three other teenagers involved in the incident were arrested in a series of raids in different areas of the capital. Legal action has been taken against those arrested.
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