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Follow 10 things in Ramadan, you will be able to stay healthy

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Many people eat the wrong food in Iftar after fasting all day in Ramadan. Eating unhealthy food not only in Iftar but also at night and even in Sehri has adverse effects on the body.

It is very hot and you can get sick due to wrong eating habits. However, if you want, you can stay healthy in Ramadan by following some things.

In this regard, Rubaiya Riti, a nutritionist at Faraji Hospital, said that the issue of staying fit and healthy in Ramadan depends on your diet. If you follow 10 things in Ramadan, you will be able to stay healthy-

>> Try to eat yogurt, banana or rice-bread, mixed vegetables, fish, eggs, meat in Sehri. This will increase the digestive power.

>> Put dates, sherbet, three kinds of fruits, salad, gram, boiled eggs, turnips, etc. in Iftar.

>> Those who have a habit of drinking tea and coffee should drink red tea and green tea after iftar.

>> Do not sleep at night without eating anything. At least try to eat light food. Such as vegetables and fish etc. Or drink 1 glass of milk before going to bed.

>> Perform Tarabi's prayer. There will be exercise and the body will be healthy.

>> Daily walk at least 30 minutes at any time of the month of Ramadan.

>> Avoid fried foods, extra oil, spices, white sugar, outside juices, street fast food in Iftar and Sehri.

>> Drink at least two and a half liters of water daily.

>> Avoid cold water. Drinking cold water reduces digestion.

>> Follow the correct diet chart as advised by nutritionists.
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