Printed on Mon Sep 26 2022 7:19:03 PM

At least 9 dead as Storm Eunice batters Europe

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Storm Eunice
An Atlantic storm has battered Northwestern Europe with record winds of up to 196km per hour, killing at least nine people, knocking out power for tens of thousands, and shredding the roof of London’s O2 Arena.

Storm Eunice hit western England and made landfall in Cornwall on Friday where waves lashed the coast, sending plumes of spray dozens of metres into the air.

A woman was killed in London when a car she was travelling in was crushed by a tree and a man in a vehicle in Liverpool died due to flying debris.

Another man died after a vehicle collided with a fallen tree in the southern English county of Hampshire.

In the Netherlands, three people were killed by toppled trees.

In Belgium, strong winds brought a crane down onto the roof of a hospital, and a British man died after being blown from his boat into the water.

Another man died in Ireland after being struck by a falling tree while clearing storm debris.

Strong winds in London shredded the white-domed roof of the O2 arena that has hosted stars from The Rolling Stones to Beyonce and Rihanna. Tall buildings in London trembled as the wind whistled through Canary Wharf.
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