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Bangladesh-Nepal Desires to Develop Stronger Economic Ties

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Stronger Economic Ties
Bangladesh and Nepal can work together to further expand and diversify their relationship by developing economic partnerships, suggests Foreign Secretary of Nepal Bharat Raj Paudyal.

He offered the remark while speaking at a program organized by Nepal's Institute of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday 20th April.

The foreign secretary said that trade, energy, tourism and travel, and connectivity are the key areas where two nations can cooperate

"First and foremost is in the areas of trade. Even if we trade under the existing regional framework of SAFTA, the two nations do hold the potential to increase the current amount of trade many fold provided we rationalize our tariffs and limit the non-tariff barriers to a minimum" he added.

Paudyal underscored the requirement for cooperation in the energy sector saying that Nepal's rivers have enormous potential to contribute to their clean and green energy security.

"This area offers a new vista of reasonable and long-term beneficial collaboration between Nepal and Bangladesh," he said

He acknowledged a "promising potential in trilateral cooperation for cross-border energy trade between Nepal, Bangladesh, and India" for further growth and prosperity.

The Nepalese foreign secretary expressed gratitude to Bangladesh for providing an additional route via Rohanpur-Singabad railway transit that would facilitate Nepal's access to Chittagong and Mongla Ports and help boost regional and sub-regional trade.

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