Printed on Sun Aug 07 2022 6:54:20 PM

Student-businessmen clashes again in New Market

Staff Correspondent
Student-businessman clashes
After the blockade of Dhaka College students in the New Market area of ​​the capital, clashes have started again with the businessmen. After 10:30 in the morning, clashes are going on in the area from Nilkhet turn to Sciencelab.

Police are firing tear gas to bring the situation under control.

Earlier, the agitating students blocked the road from Sciencelab to Nilkhet since morning due to night clashes. This resulted in severe traffic jams on the roads of Sciencelab, Azimpur and Mukti o Gonotontro Toron of Dhaka University.

The clashes started at one stage of the blockade.

Businessmen clashed with Dhaka College students in New Market area for about two and a half hours on Monday night. The clashes started around 12 midnight on Monday, April 17 and lasted till midnight. Police brought the situation under control by removing the two sides from the area at midnight.

At around 2.30 am, the police said that the situation was under control. The students have returned to the college campus. Businessmen have also left their destination.

However, the students of Dhaka College started protesting inside the college alleging that the police had opened fire on the students. They took up positions on the roof of the hall and in the oil pump area. As a result, despite the police demanding control of the situation, there was tension in the area.
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