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School students to get jabs from today

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students to get jab
The immunization program for school children will start on Monday. The program will be inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Health at Motijheel Ideal School at 9:30 am. This activity will run simultaneously in 6 schools of the capital. 4 to 5 thousand doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be given every day. Students have to register with birth certificates.

In May of this year, the corona vaccine was approved for 12 to 18-year-olds in the United States and Europe.

Vaccination of children of this age is going on in European countries including the United States.

Following this, Bangladesh seeks permission from the World Health Organization. After getting permission, vaccination is done experimentally in the country under the direction of the Prime Minister. On October 14, 120 students from several schools in Manikganj received the first dose. No child had any complications. This activity is starting on a large scale.

Education Minister Dipu Moni said, "Vaccination will Start from tomorrow at one vaccination center. Then eight more centers have been scheduled, they will run the vaccination activity. The Department of Health has already made arrangements to vaccinate Pfizer in 21 districts of the country. Vaccination will be arranged across the country as soon as possible. We will also get the full support of the parents so that there is no unnecessary crowd at these vaccination centers."

It will be inaugurated at Motijheel Ideal School on Monday, November 1. Initially, vaccination will be conducted in 6 schools of the capital. Everyone will be given Pfizer vaccine. However, registration must be done for this.

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