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6 Sudanese soldiers killed in Ethiopian attack

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Sudanese soldiers killed
Six Sudanese soldiers have been killed in an attack by Ethiopian forces. The attack was carried out on Saturday. Several Sudanese military sources told that six members of the army had been killed in an attack by Ethiopian forces on an army post near the border between the two countries.

Earlier, the Sudanese army said in a statement on social media Facebook that al-Fashaq al-Sughra had been attacked by several Ethiopian army groups and militias. Several members were reported killed in the attack.

The statement further said that members of our forces resolutely resisted the attack and the attackers suffered heavy loss of life and property. Details of the death toll were not immediately available.

Ethiopian government spokesman Legesse Tulu did not comment immediately on this issue.

Al-Fashaka is a border region where Ethiopian farmers have been cultivating for a long time. But Sudan has been claiming the area as its own.

Fighting broke out between government forces and rebels in Ethiopia's Tigris region in late 2020, and thousands of people sought refuge in Sudan. Since then, tensions between the two countries have begun to rise.

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