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How does sunlight damage the skin?

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sunlight damage the skin
Physicians always say that the body should not be exposed to too much sunlight. But even so, many people sunbathe for long periods of time. They think that this will make their skin color copper. And thus they bring their own danger.

Why are the rays of the sun harmful?

In fact, when we are exposed to sunlight, the absorbed ultraviolet rays stimulate the skin's melanocytes to respond by producing more melanin.

Melanin is a pigment that dyes our skin and protects skin cells by absorbing UV rays.

People whose skin is congenitally dark brown, or black have higher levels of melanin in their skin. So they are naturally more protected from sunlight.

But for those who are not, too much exposure to UV rays can damage the DNA of their melanocytes. At one stage, a type of skin cancer called melanoma can develop.

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