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Taiwan accused China of committing airspace violations

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Taiwan accused China
Taiwan has accused China of committing major airspace violations. The country says China has trained 15 warplanes over Taiwan.For the second day in a row, Chinese warplanes violated Taiwan's airspace. Earlier, Chinese warplanes did the same on January 20, the day US President Joe Biden was sworn in. Washington has warned China against such an incident.

China considers democratic Taiwan to be its remote area. But Taiwan considers itself a sovereign state.

Experts say China is testing how far the Biden administration will be on Taiwan's side by conducting warplane exercises. The US State Department also responded. They say the US-Taiwan bond is as strong as stone.

U.S. warships have recently entered the South China Sea amid tensions between China and Taiwan. A statement from the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said the operation was carried out to "emphasize the independence of the sea.

Meanwhile, eight Chinese bombers and four fighter jets entered the air defense detection zone in southwestern Taiwan. The infiltration of so many Chinese warplanes into Taiwan is a rare occurrence, according to the country's defense ministry.

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