Printed on Wed Aug 10 2022 6:11:15 PM

Taliban bans women from appearing in TV dramas

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The presence of women in television dramas in Afghanistan is no longer noticeable. The new Taliban government has banned women from working in TV dramas.

Under the new rules, presenters, including women journalists, are required to appear on screen after wearing the hijab. However, it was not mentioned what kind of hijab to wear.

Correspondents say the Taliban's new rules are vague and need to be explained. After taking power, Taliban leaders promised various steps to implement women's rights. However, they are not visible now. Instead, one rule after another is being issued.

New rules for the Taliban government have been broadcast on Afghan television channels. It mentions eight rules. Movies that go against Sharia law will be banned. Besides, the naked body of a man cannot be shown in a movie scene.

Religion cannot be ignored in comedy and entertainment shows or anything that is considered offensive to Afghans will be banned. Foreign films that promote foreign values ​​cannot be aired.

There have been widespread allegations in the international community that women's rights have been violated during the Taliban's rule in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Once again, women have not been given a high position in the new Taliban government.

The Taliban promised to protect the rights of women and children. However, the Taliban government is going in the opposite direction without implementing them. The result will not be good, say women's rights activists.

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