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Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli troops

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teenager shot dead by Israeli troops
Israeli forces opened fire on protesters in the besieged West Bank. Palestinian authorities say a teenager was killed. Eight Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces this year.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported on Friday, June 11 that a 15-year-old boy named Mohammad Saeed Hamael had been killed during a protest rally in the Beita area. Israeli forces clashed with protesters as they gathered to protest the expansion of illegal Jewish settlements on nearby Palestinian land.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said six more Palestinians were injured in the incident.

The Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that Israeli forces fired bullets, tear gas and rubber-covered steel pellets at protesters.

It is learned that protests have been going on in Beita area for the last few months. The protests erupted after Israeli occupiers set up a checkpoint in the village of Mount Sabih.

Hundreds of people from 17 Palestinian families living there are at risk of losing their lives due to Israeli checkpoints. Olive cultivation is being hampered by the Israeli outpost, which is the main source of income for those families.

Meanwhile, an eight-month-old child fell ill in a tear gas shell fired by Israeli troops during another protest in the village of Kufr Quaddum. Israeli forces attacked their families. Another 10-year-old child was injured in the incident by a rubber bullet wrapped in rubber on his leg.

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