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Terrible Wildfire in Colorado

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Terrible Wildfire
Thousands of people are homeless. Gusts of up to 105 mph whipped up flames, destroying hundreds of homes. The fire has not been brought under control yet.

The Colorado mayor told the media that the fire had not yet been brought under control. Firefighters are working day and night. The fire broke out over a distance of about 160 km. As a result, people in two areas of the region had to be evacuated. They have been kept in a safe place for the time being.

At least a few thousand people are homeless, according to the mayor. They have been forced to leave their homes. At least 500 houses are believed to have caught fire. However, he said that the number could increase several times.

Colorado is an arid region. It goes without saying that there was no rain this year.

As a result, it has become drier. The condition seems like Drought. Many people are helpless because of the fire. Not only have they lost their homes, but they have also lost their jobs. Many businesses were reportedly gutted in the blaze.

The administration, however, has assured that they will stand by the homeless people.

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