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Jacinda called New Zealand market incident a "Terrorist Attack"

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Terrorist Attack
New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called the attack on a supermarket in Auckland a terrorist attack. He described the attack as "extremely reprehensible" and said the attackers were Sri Lankan nationals. The man came to New Zealand in 2011. Six people were injured in the stabbing attack. The assailant was later shot dead by police.

She added that the attackers believed in the ideology of the Islamic State (IS).

The incident took place at 2.40 pm local time on Friday. According to local media, one person entered the market and stabbed several people. Six people were injured. People are running around in fear. An exciting situation is created in the whole area.

Police later confirmed the incident, saying a man stabbed people after entering the New Lane supermarket. Several people were injured. Police identified the man and he was shot dead on the spot. However, the name of the deceased has not been known yet.

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