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At least 10 dead in Texas road accident

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Texas road accident
At least 10 people have been killed in road accidents in the United States of Texas. Local officials and eyewitnesses said the crash happened on a Texas road while a passenger van was probably carrying two dozen illegal immigrants.

The Texas Department of Public Security (DPS) said in a statement that it was investigating a major accident near Falfurrias, a few miles southeast of the Mexican border in Texas.

The driver of the vehicle and nine passengers were killed in the crash, officials in charge of the Texas Highway said. An eyewitness said that the passenger van was speeding along the highway.

A New York Times report said there were 30 people in the car at the time of the crash. DPS spokesman Sergeant Nathan Brandley told AFP the passengers in the car were thought to be illegal immigrants. However, we have to work with different embassies in this regard.

Earlier, DPS said that 20 people were admitted to the hospital in critical condition after the accident. Smugglers often send migrants from the border to various locations.

Earlier in March, 13 people were killed when a car collided with a large truck in southern California.

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