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"Country freed from the culture of impunity"

Staff Correspondent
The country has been freed from the culture of impunity
Mentioning that the country has been freed from the culture of impunity due to the bravery of the judges, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the democratic rights of the people of this country have been protected by the verdict of the High Court.

She was speaking as the chief guest at the inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed 12-storey building 'Bijoy 71' of the Bangladesh Supreme Court here on Thursday morning.

The PM further said that the struggle we had after returning to Bangladesh was the military dictators who have repeatedly seized power since 1975; I am grateful to our High Court, the Supreme Court, for protecting the democratic rights of the people of this country. They have given instructions that it is illegal to seize power in violation of the constitution.

Elaborating on the aftermath of '75, the PM said the Indemnity Ordinance was issued in Bangladesh without any trial for the murderers who brutally killed the father of the nation, children and women by blocking the path of justice. Through which the murderers were rewarded and given jobs in the embassy. They were given the right to choose. War criminals, whose trial was started by the father of the nation. Ziaur Rahman gave a chance to do politics in this country by stopping the trial of those war criminals who were imprisoned or convicted - even those convicted in that murder case. Then his wife Khaleda Zia did the same.

The ideology, the consciousness with which Bangladesh became independent, that consciousness was shattered. I think the democratic rights of the people of Bangladesh have been protected through this one verdict. Those of us who lost loved ones on August 15 had no right to seek justice. I came back to Bangladesh and tried to file a case but was not allowed to do so. Because indemnity has been given. I was able to change the culture of impunity that was introduced in this country when I was elected by the people and formed the government. There are many obstacles we have to face. Thanking the judges, she said, "We have got justice through the courageous steps of the judges." Bangladesh has been liberated from the culture of impunity, said the Prime Minister.

"In our country, judgments are always given in English," she added. Although it is true that we have now raised the literacy rate in the country to about 75% after the formation of the government, it is not possible for everyone to understand the verdict in English. It was a long-standing demand that the verdicts be given in Bengali. I'm glad, virtually this step has been taken. Translated into Bengali and published on the website. Those who get justice should know exactly what was said in the verdict. Projects have already been taken up for complete digitization. Our Information Adviser has thoroughly audited and taken steps to ensure proper implementation. Our information advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy has also saved a lot of money while doing the testing. Our virtual court is universally acclaimed. At first many were hesitant but now everyone is reaping the benefits and everyone is able to work safely.

Highlighting the various steps taken by the government, Sheikh Hasina said, the judges of the court have been killed by the bombing. We believe that the steps we have taken will result in justice for the people and better justice. We will be able to appoint more judges in the new building. The first time we had 40 rooms in the Annex building, there was room for 35 courts. This time there will be 32 seating opportunities.

PM said that the government is going to take initiative to introduce a record room, in fact, a record room is very necessary. Records must be decentralized and hard copies must be kept and digitized. I have already instructed the Finance Secretary to allocate funds for the record room. In addition, we will arrange for the construction of client sheds and the mosque on the premises of the High Court shrine, in which most of our judges and lawyers go to offer prayers; We have taken steps to make it a high-quality mosque. In the meantime, the Secretary to the Prime Minister's Office has personally visited, observed and taken appropriate action.

The Pm further said that there is talk of establishing a law university. You know, there were only a few universities in Bangladesh. Now we are building a university with multifaceted knowledge. I also did a training institute. I have created an academy. We will take appropriate steps to establish a law university. We need to take advice from you in this regard. You have to decide what the curriculum will be. We will look at the benefits of lawyers. We have built the Bar Council building but the number of lawyers is high. Apart from that, we have built court buildings for our various district levels, so that the lawyers can sit and work smoothly and we are the clients; We have to go through a lot of cases, if we do politics, I myself was the accused in about 12-14 cases. Had to go to court. In order to get justice there, it will be easier to get justice if everyone can work with a cool head. We will do that.

In fact, we are doing. You know, there's a problem with Corona. I am buying the vaccine and giving it for free. Food security has to be ensured, medical services have to reach the doorsteps of the people. We have to do different things. We are trying to ensure that people from all walks of life get justice. We want Bangladesh to move forward properly. Let the people of Bangladesh get justice, let the rule of law be established and a democratic trend continued 3 times in a row from 2009 to 2022. That is why we have been able to make a lot of progress in Bangladesh. Today Bangladesh has got the status of a developing country. As a developing country, we need to move forward. Inshallah, we will build Bangladesh as a developed-prosperous-golden Bengal. We will realize the dream of the father of the nation, he said.

Sheikh Hasina said, "We want to be stronger economically." We don't have to reach out to anyone. So that we can carry forward our own development work. At present we can finance 905 of the development on our own. We have achieved that qualification. I have implemented a big project like Padma bridge. By doing this, the image of Bangladesh has become much brighter in the world.


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