Printed on Mon Jul 04 2022 2:30:05 AM

Khaleda Zia can also be invited in the inauguration of the Padma Bridge

Staff Correspondent

Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader said all opposition parties would be invited to the inauguration of the Padma Bridge. BNP leaders will also be invited to that series. Khaleda Zia can also be invited as the chairperson of the party. However, as she was convicted in court, the decision will be taken after knowing the rules.

He said this while talking to reporters after a program at BRAC Center in the capital on Saturday, June 4.

Obaidul Quader said that the World Bank had withdrawn alleging corruption in the Padma Bridge. The country's country director will also be invited to the opening ceremony.

He said, "BNP is a big party, we want them to come to the polls. If you want a change of power, you have to take part in the election. If you think that you will be on the path of murder and terror without taking part in the elections now, if you think that you will sit on the throne of power by threatening to kill Sheikh Hasina, then this colorful dream will turn into a nightmare. '

The general secretary of the Awami League said, "Some leaders of the BNP are talking nonsense, they have lost their minds." they can't stand the Padma Bridge, Metrorail. Elevated Expressway, Bus Rapid Transit They have never seen, never done. Sheikh Hasina is doing it, that's why their chest hurts. Burning with the burning of this pain. There is no value in these words, they are saying these bizarre things in violence. '

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