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TikToker detained in Rajshahi

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TikToker in Rajshahi
Rajshahi Metropolitan Detective Police have arrested nine people on the charge of misleading school and college students by making TikTok video and posting it on YouTube. They were detained from Padma Garden, Bhadra Park, Zia Park and Biman Chattar areas of the city.

At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Police Commissioner Abu Kalam Siddique said, "Among the detainees are three schoolgirls who were tempted to make a video and release it on YouTube. The TikTok makers are making obscene videos targeting schoolgirls from low-income families in the city, posting YouTube."

The police commissioner added, "There is a strong group of TikTokers who are trying to send girls out of the country by making tempting videos."

The police commissioner said, "During the interrogation of the detainees, we came to know that about 500 children are involved in making tik-tok videos in Rajshahi. The young girl who are being used to make tik-tok are mainly belong low-income families in the society including rickshaw pullers.

Most of them are students of eighth to tenth grade class. Work is underway to make a list of them. Strict legal action will be taken against those involved in making tik-tok videos in the city if they do not get back on track."

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