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JnU student Tithi Sarker arrested

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Tithi Sarkar arrested
Expelled student of Jagannath University (JnU) Tithi Sarker has been arrested  on charges of insulting religion by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police. This information was given in a statement sent to the media on Wednesday night.

A press conference will be held on Thursday at 12 noon at the initiative of their cyber police center, said a statement sent by CID's senior assistant police commissioner Jisanul Haque. Details of the arrest will inform later.

She left her Pallabi's house at 9 am on October 25 for the police station. Then she was missing for 15 days.

It is known that Tithi Sarker had been making negative comments about the Holy Prophet Muhammad on Facebook and various social media.

Later, all the student organizations and general students of Jagannath University staged a human chain and protest demanding the expulsion of the Tithi.

Tithi Sarker was temporarily expelled from the university administration. Then came the complaint from his family that Tithi was missing.

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