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PM directed to open schools-colleges soon

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to open schools-colleges soon
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that instructions have been given to reopen the educational institutions that were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, she urged them to be aware of Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the 14th session of the Eleventh National Assembly on Thursday. She also took part in a discussion on the mourning motion on the death of Sirajganj-6 MP Hasibur Rahman Swapan. Besides, the Prime Minister also advised everyone to be more aware of preventing dengue.

Hasibur Rahman Swapan, Member of Parliament for Sirajganj-6 (Shahjadpur) constituency, died at a hospital in Turkey this morning. He had been suffering from kidney-related complications for a long time. He was recently taken to Turkey when the situation worsened. He was 67 years old.

Apart from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, several other MPs paid their respects to him in Parliament today.

During the meeting, Sheikh Hasina spoke about the situation in the country, the import of vaccines and the opening of educational institutions.

"We are seeing the situation around the world, sometimes it is normal and sometimes it is worsening. We have managed to bring the situation in our country under control," she said.

Sheikh Hasina further said, "There is no problem with the vaccine. We are bringing as much as we can."

"I have instructed to open the school college very soon. Action is being taken. Teachers are being vaccinated. Arrangements are being made to vaccinate teachers as well as those working in educational institutions, including their families," she added.

The first corona patient was identified on March 8 last year in Bangladesh. After that, the educational institution has been closed since March 17. In a few steps, it was extended till June 12.

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