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Train movement with Khulna is normal now

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Train movement with Khulna
8 hours after the accident, train movement with Khulna is normal all over the country. One person was killed when a coal-laden truck collided with a train at Murli Rail Crossing in Jessore Sadar Upazila on Saturday evening.

At that time, the truck fell on the train and coal fell on the railway line, disrupting the movement of trains from Khulna to the rest of the country. Eight hours after the accident, the train service between Khulna and the rest of the country became normal at around 3.45 pm yesterday.

Earlier, a relief train from Khulna removed the truck from the accident site at around 12 noon yesterday and cleaned the coal lying on the train line. Then the railway line of that place became suitable for train movement.

It is known that the accident took place when the truck broke the gate and fell on the railway line even though the gate of the rail crossing was closed on Saturday evening.

Rakibuzzaman, an inspector at the Chanchra police investigation center in Jessore, said the Kopotakkho Express train from Rajshahi was heading towards Khulna around 7 pm yesterday.

At that time a coal-laden truck collided with the train at Murli rail crossing. One was killed and one was injured. It is being investigated whether the gate of the railway crossing was lowered properly at the time of the accident.

As the truck was on the railway line and a lot of coal was lying on the railway line, the train service with Khulna was stopped.

Later, the relief train from Khulna went to the accident site and cleaned the railway line in three hours. As a result, the railway line is suitable for train movement.

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