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Second day of transport strike: Suffering Continued

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transport strike
Passengers continue to suffer in a nationwide transport strike for the second day in a row in protest of a sudden 23 percent rise in kerosene and diesel prices.

Apart from some state-owned BRTC buses, no other buses or minibusses were seen on the roads of the capital on Saturday morning.

Passengers have opted for rickshaws, autorickshaws, or motorbikes to travel, which has led to higher fares. Many have been seen walking to their destinations in most areas due to the extra fare.

Eyewitnesses from the Gabtoli bus terminal area said, “People have been crowding at the terminal for buses since this morning. However, all ticket counters are empty.

They are being forced to take high fare microbuses, private cars, and motorcycles to reach the destination without getting any public transport.

Many have been seen entering the capital on foot.

Many of them said that today there are job interviews and admission tests. Many have come to Dhaka for treatment purposes.

While entering Dhaka from Amin Bazar with a 2-month-old baby in her lap, a woman said, "I did not get any bus or anything else due to the strike. Rickshaws are charging extra. So, I walked to the hospital to take the child suffering from cough and cold."

Transport leaders are on strike to force the government to decide whether to change fuel prices or increase bus fares.

The strike also affected fish and vegetable prices in the capital. The supply of imported goods from different parts of the country is also being disrupted due to the transport strike.

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