Printed on Mon May 16 2022 7:40:37 AM

Travel restriction again in Malaysia

International desk
Travel restriction
The country's civil aviation has imposed new restrictions on the travel of passengers from Malaysia and other countries of the world.

If the full dose is not taken then travelers will have to stay in quarantine for four days along with a corona test.

However, if you have taken the full dose, then within two days of the journey, you will have to take a negative certificate by checking the corona identification RT-PCR.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, the traveler will have to test the Rapid Antigen at his own expense and get a negative certificate.

This information was given in an order issued by Civil Aviation on Sunday. The new travel restrictions will take effect on April 1. A copy of the order has been sent to the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CA).

The order further states that passengers who have taken the full dose of the vaccine, but have been infected with corona once in the last two months, will have to enter Malaysia with a negative report of rapid antigen test two days before departure. They do not have to be in any quarantine.

However, upon arrival in Malaysia, he/she will have to take a negative certificate after being tested for rapid antigen at his/her own expense.
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