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'Tungipara'r Miya Bhai' will be available for free on Cinebaz app

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Tungipara'r Miya Bhai
The movie 'Tungipara'r Miya Bhai' will release in Cinebaz app on the day of Eid al-Adha. 'Tungipara'r Miya Bhai' is mainly a history based film on Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's childhood-adolescent life. A story of how Sheikh Mujib became the father of the nation of Bangladesh from Tungipara in Gopalganj has been highlighted in this movie.

Shanto Khan has played the role of Bangabandhu in this film. Prarthana Fardin Dighi has played the role of Bangabandhu's wife Renu.

The film, which was released in theaters across the country on April 02, will be seen for free this time. Salim Khan, the head of Shapla Media, has confirmed that the movie 'Tungipara'r Miya Bhai' will be available for the viewers in Cinebaz app. Cinebaz App is a sister concern of Shapla Media.

This film is Produced under the banner of Story Splash Production, the 2 hours and 12 seconds film is produced by Pinky Khan. The historical film is directed by Md. Salim Khan. The screenplay was written by Shamim Ahamed Roni.

Md. Salim Khan, head of Shapla Media and director of the film, said, "On the day of Eid al-Adha, we will announce the happy launch of this film on Cinebaz app. Then the movie will be seen completely free. Anyone can download the app and watch the movie."

Apart from Shanto Khan and Dighi, Shiba Shanu, Jayanta Chattopadhyay, Maznun Mizan, Dilara Zaman and Naznin Chumki have also acted in this film.

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