Printed on Wed Jul 06 2022 1:16:58 AM

Vaccine crisis in United States again

Staff Correspondent
United States
The Corona Vaccine Crisis has hit the United States again. However, the authorities are trying to continue the vaccination program despite the crisis. Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson has begun trials to test the effectiveness of the Vaccine against the new South African corona.

Clinical trials of the coronavirus invented by Johnson & Johnson are underway in South Africa. The vaccine will be tested on health workers in the country to see it's effectiveness. In particular, scientists will focus on monitoring the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against corona, a new feature.

Vaccination program has started in Bosnia with the Russian-invented corona vaccine Sputnik Five. In the beginning, health workers are being given priority. Gradually, ordinary people of different ages will also be brought under the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the second shipment of 500,000 doses of Chinese-invented corona vaccine Sinofarm has arrived in Serbia. Among European countries, Serbia has so far had the highest number of people vaccinated.

Five major vaccination centers in California have closed due to a shortage of vaccines. Despite the shortage of vaccines, authorities are trying to advance the program by vaccinating other parts of the state.

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