Printed on Fri Aug 12 2022 5:18:29 AM

'US-Bangladesh relations to reach new heights'

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US-Bangladesh relations
Bangladesh has long been a good friend of the United States. This friendship is getting deeper. That's what Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the next US ambassador to India, thinks about Dhaka-Washington relations. He also hinted at a visit to Bangladesh.

According to the Democrat leader, US-Bangladesh relations are reaching unique heights.

Eric Garcetti, the popular mayor of Los Angeles City, has been elected in two consecutive terms. He has his own feelings about Bangladesh and Bangladeshis. The two countries are bound by a wonderful bond of friendship. This relationship is improving day by day. Eric Garcetti's first choice is Bangladesh, where he wants to go. Had it not been for the Corona pandemic, he would have visited Bangladesh earlier. Democrat leader Eric Garcetti, a 51-year-old man favored by the administration of US President Joe Biden, has spoken openly.

Eric Garcetti has put Bangladesh at the top of his list of favorites since his father, former Attorney General Gil Garcetti, visited Bangladesh a few days ago. Expatriate Bangladeshis are also optimistic about him.

International relations experts believe that the appointment of Eric Garcetti as US Ambassador to India will strengthen India-US relations as well as deepen trilateral friendship with Bangladesh.
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