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Top al-Qaeda leader killed in US drone strike in Syria

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US drone strike in Syria
Al-Qaeda's top leader, Abdul Hamid al-Matar, has been killed in a US drone strike in Syria.

Al Jazeera confirmed the information, citing a spokesman for the US Central Command.

The death of al-Qaeda's top leader will thwart future terrorist attacks on civilians, U.S. citizens, and allies in the world, U.S. Army Maj. John Rigsbee said in a statement Friday, October 22 local time.

He added that no one was injured in the attack.

The militant group al-Qaeda is still a threat to the United States and its allies, Rigsbee said, adding that al-Qaeda has been using Syria as a safe haven for reorganization, integration, and external cooperation.

Rigsbee did not clarify whether the US drone strike was in retaliation. He did not say where in Syria the attack took place.

Another senior al-Qaeda leader, Salim Abu Ahmed, was killed in a Pentagon operation in northwestern Syria in September. The bomber struck shortly after in front of a rally in the northern city of Idlib.

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