Printed on Fri May 27 2022 1:04:42 PM

At Least 8 Dead in crush at US music festival

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US music festival
Eight people have been killed in a stampede at a music event in the United States. The first day of a concert in Houston, Texas, was packed with people. Several people were injured there.

Emergency department officials said panic was spreading among the people as the crowd continued to gather in front of the stage at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival.

Eleven people were taken to hospital due to sudden illness and eight deaths were reported.

About 50,000 people gathered at the event. About 300 people have been treated for minor injuries and pain.

Local politician Lina Hidalgo and Justice Harris County described the incident as "extremely tragic." “Our hearts are broken,” she said. People come to such events to enjoy a good time. But such a joyous occasion turned into sadness.

She said the panic started among the people as the crowd of people in front of the stage continued to gather. As the situation worsened, many were injured.

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