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'Government is considering vaccinating at least 18-year-olds'

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vaccinating at least 18-year-olds
The government is thinking of vaccinating at least 18-year-olds, said the director general of the health department Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam.

He made the remarks while visiting Mugda General Hospital on Friday, July 23 in the morning.

Mr. Bashar said that the issue of vaccination with NID is also being discussed at the marginal level. He also said that the issue of setting up field hospitals in some parts of the country is under process.

Meanwhile, the number of patients infected with corona in the capital's hospitals has started increasing again after Eid. The medical crisis is intensifying due to the increase in patient admission rate. Most of the victims are coming from outside Dhaka.

However, as most of the corona hospital beds are already full. In such a situation the patient is being admitted considering his or her condition. Doctors are struggling to cope with the extra patient pressure in the hospital.

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