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Vaccination will begin across country from Sunday morning

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Last-minute preparations are underway across the country for vaccinating against the novel coronavirus from tomorrow, Sunday. The vaccine has already reached all the districts. Vaccines will be given at the concerned district hospitals and upazila health complexes. Therefore, training activities are still going on in many areas.

The vaccination will start simultaneously in Dhaka and across the country from 9 am on Sunday. Vaccination will be given at 204 centers in the capital Dhaka and 2,196 centers across the country. The Department of Health said in a press release on Saturday.

The vaccine will be administered simultaneously across the country from 9 am on Sunday, 10 days after the vaccine was administered to more than 500 people on an experimental basis last week.

Meanwhile, those who have already registered, will get the vaccine on the first day tomorrow will be informed on their mobile phones through a text message on Saturday from the department.

The government now has 70 lakh vaccines made by Oxford-AstraZeneca. Of this, 50 lakh doses was purchased from the Seram Institute of India and 20 lakh doses was given as a gift by the Government of India.

The government's goal was to vaccinate an average of 260,000 people a day. However, only 1.5 lakh people have registered through online in 9 days till last Thursday. In such a situation, instead of deciding to vaccinate more than 60 lakh people in the first month, it was decided to vaccinate 35 lakh people.

However, according to the Health Department on Saturday morning, the number of registrants has exceeded three lakh so far.

Health Minister Zahid Maleque said that even those who are not registered can go to the vaccination center and get vaccinated if they have a national identity card.

Currently, only 55-year-olds and first-line epidemiologists are allowed to register for the first phase of the Covid-19 vaccine program.

There are 70 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in the country and if you want to get the corona vaccine, you have to go to and register.

Health workers have been instructed not to leave their workplaces till February 10 to make the corona vaccination program successful.

In this regard, the people's representatives, especially the members of parliament will be present in their respective areas to increase the encouragement of vaccination among the local people. Most of the MPs are also preparing to get vaccinated in their constituencies tomorrow. It is known that ministers will also be present in many areas.

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