Printed on Mon Sep 26 2022 6:11:15 PM

"BNP's vision is obscured by thick fog"

Staff Correspondent
vision is obscured by thick fog
AL General Secretary and Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader have said that the BNP's vision is obscured by thick fog. "It's only natural that those who seek power in the dark will not see the light," he said.

Obaidul Quader made the remarks at a briefing at his office in the Secretariat on Thursday, April 7 morning.

He said, "The BNP is revolving around the circle of lightless and hopeless negative politics." And the frustrated BNP leaders are sitting at home making up myths about famine. '

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul saw famine all over the country. In this context, Obaidul Quader said, "Famine is not in the country, famine is in the mentality of some opposition leaders including BNP."

The country is now self-sufficient in food, people are well off after eating and people are happy with the development and achievements of the country, said the General Secretary of the AL. But sadly, the BNP does not really see this.

Claiming that the BNP has been pursuing a policy of vengeance in the country since its inception, Obaidul Quader said, "The people of the country know very well the history of the BNP - the history of killings, conspiracies, oppression of political opponents and the history of seizing power by holding people hostage under guns and boots."

He said, "After coming to power in 2001, the BNP had burnt 56,000 square miles of Bangladesh in the fire of vengeance." Some leaders of the opposition, including the BNP, have taken to the field to protest against the Sheikh Hasina government.

The Road Transport Minister said, "Without constructive criticism, they have started protesting against Sheikh Hasina and her government in the Parliament and outside the Parliament with blind hatred."

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