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'Country hasn’t seen unity like this in a long time'

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Vladimir Putin
Speaking at the Moscow Stadium, Vladimir Putin praised Russian unity in the recent context with Ukraine.

"Such unity has not been seen for a long time," Putin said in a large crowd on a stage decorated with slogans such as "for a world without Nazism," "for our president."

The country's state television channel broadcast a patriotic song sung by Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov before Putin's speech, which was broadcast live at the end of Putin's speech.

After that, Putin's 5-minute speech was broadcast from the beginning.

The event is being held to mark the eighth anniversary of Crimea. However, the issue of Russia's aggression against Ukraine came up throughout a large part of the program.

Reuters and several Russian media outlets reported that government officials had been instructed to attend the event. Many reports have come out that this instruction was also given to the students and employees of government institutions.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance but said that maintaining some independence was important for Russia. One of the aims of the Ukraine campaign was to stop the genocide. He also claimed that the citizens of Ukraine welcomed the Russian operation.

He said the United States was "using" Ukraine against Russia, so the operation was urgent.

He also quoted a biblical statement praising the military in Ukraine.
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