Printed on Mon Aug 15 2022 4:05:02 AM

Bangladesh voted for Ukraine

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voted for Ukraine
A resolution has been passed by the UN General Assembly on humanitarian aid and the protection of civilians in Ukraine. Bangladesh voted for Ukraine. In other words, Bangladesh went against Russia for the first time in this issue.

But even today India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka were in favor of Russia. The resolution also condemned Russia for creating a dire humanitarian situation in the country.

Of the 193 member states of the UN, 140 voted in favor of the resolution. Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, and Belarus voted against the resolution. In addition, 36 countries abstained from voting.

Earlier, a vote was held in the UN General Assembly condemning Russia's attack on Ukraine. Bangladesh abstained from voting there.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden met with Western allies on Thursday to put more pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Western leaders will hold three meetings to discuss what can be done to put pressure on Moscow after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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