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Waterlogging-traffic jam across the capital in rain

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Waterlogging-traffic jam
The capital received torrential rains from dawn to dusk on Tuesday, June 01. Then light rain started. It lasts until about 9:30 p.m. Roads in different areas were submerged in rain water. In many places, water enters the engine and stops the car. And this created a terrible traffic jam across the capital.

Long queues of transport, public transport, private cars and motor vehicles fell on the road for hours. Office going people and pedestrians suffer in traffic jam. It takes an hour and a half to cross a hundred yards on some roads.

Faruk Hossain working in an IT company in Bashundhara area said, "I left Bailey Road just before 9:30 am for the office. I could not cross the Badda Link Road even at 11:30 am."

A young man named Soumik shared the same experience.

He will go to Gulshan. His office will start office at 10 o'clock. But at 11 o'clock he was standing on the Rampura bridger.

According to the Meteorological Department, 21 mm of rain fell in Dhaka in 24 hours before 7 am on Tuesday. There may be temporary gusts of wind with rain or sleet. The wind can blow from the south / south-west at a speed of 8 to 15 kmph, which can also blow in the form of gusts of up to 30 kmph. Humidity in the air of Dhaka is 91 percent.

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