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Taliban banned forced marriage of women in Afghanistan

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The Taliban has taken historic steps to establish women's rights in Afghanistan. The new administration has banned forced marriages in the country.

In a decree issued last Friday, they said that women should not be considered as "property" and that their consent must be obtained in case of marriage. Not only that, but the Afghan government has allowed widows to marry the man of their choice after a certain period of time.

Taliban chief Hibatullah Akhundzada said in the decree that both men and women should be equal. No one in Afghanistan can force women to marry.

The decree, however, did not mention the minimum age for marriage of women. But before that, it was fixed at 16 years.

In the decree, the Taliban said that from now on, Afghan widowed will be able to marry the person of their choice 17 weeks after their husband's death.

In Afghanistan, according to long-standing tribal custom, a widow was obliged to marry her late husband's brother or another relative. The Taliban leadership has announced that it has instructed Afghan courts to treat women fairly, especially widows.

The group, which came to power last August, said it had instructed ministers to raise awareness about women's rights among the people.

Women's rights activists and organizations are naturally satisfied with the Taliban's announcement.

At a conference in Kabul on Friday, Mahbooba Siraj, executive director of the Afghan Women's Skills Development Center, said it was a big deal. If so, this is the first time they (the Taliban) have issued such a decree.

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