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Workers strike in Chittagong, container transport stopped

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Workers strike
Workers strike in Chittagong, container transport stopped. The Prime Mover Trailer Workers Union has been on strike since morning demanding five points. Due to the strike, all types of container transport are closed in Chittagong port and city.

Prime Mover Trailer Union is holding a strike in Saltgola area of ​​Chittagong city from 6 am on Saturday, September 12.

Chittagong Prime Mover Trailer Workers Union General Secretary. Abu Bakkar Siddiqui said, "We are making concessions in the five-point demand." If we accept our demands, we will take the reduction. But we have to give everything in writing.

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The five-point demands of the program are: issuance of employment letters to the workers as per the labor law, implementation of the minimum wage announced by the government, refund of money illegally deducted by BSRM, refusal to work without any prior notice and reinstatement of 23 prime mover trailer drivers. To do.

Port and private container depot officials said container delivery of imported goods from Chittagong port has been suspended since morning due to the closure of Prime Mover. Similarly, containers of exported goods are not going to be sent to the port from offdock for shipping.

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