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World Bank will provide USD 200 crore to Bangladesh to buy vaccine

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World Bank
The World Bank will provide USD 200 crore to Bangladesh and other developing countries to buy the corona vaccine. The assistance will be provided to 40 developing countries by the end of April, said Axel van Trotsenberg, managing director of the World Bank's operations branch, in a statement on Friday, April 09.

In the message, Trotsenberg said the World Bank plans to provide USD 1200 crore in step-by-step assistance to developing countries in the field of corona vaccination and public immunization programs. In its first step this money will be discounted.

Meanwhile, at a meeting of the World Bank's Lender Development Committee on the same day, David Malpas, president of the world's largest lender and financial aid agency, said the World Bank would provide USD 400 crore to 50 countries to buy vaccines by the middle of the year. However, other members of the committee present at the meeting warned that if the developing world delays the start of immunization programs after receiving assistance, the main purpose of the assistance will fail.

World Health Organization (WHO) General Manager Tedros Adhanam Gabriasus responded to their warning. "If the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly and new types of the virus continue to emerge, the vaccines currently on the market will be of no use," he said.

"Even countries that have adequate vaccinations are not safe. Several new types of corona have already arrived and will continue to do so in the future. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Countries that have almost 100 percent vaccinated are also at risk."

He noted the need for more research into the development of viruses and vaccines in countries around the world. The WHO chief also criticized the World Trade Organization's intellectual property law as a major obstacle to research on vaccine development in developing countries.

"Obstacles to intellectual property law have become a major obstacle to vaccine production in many parts of the world," said Tedros Adhanam Gabrieus.

"The situation is the same as it is now when an elephant enters a small house. The horrors we are in now are perhaps the worst in the world. If we haven't started yet, when will we start?"

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